Conscious Education for the Heart​ and Mind

Stop trying to fit into an old system and start co-creating a collaborative, conscious education model that empowers parents and educators to

Provide Opportunities that Honor the Unique Gifts of ALL

"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them"
Albert Einstein

The World is Filled With Brilliant People Who Have Amazing Gifts to Share.

The problem is, not all know how to make money in ways that honor their uniqueness!

Why?  Because they've been trained to work in systems that compete for greatness when they are wired for genius and where born to thrive in alliances built on the foundation of unity and collaboration.


I'm DebOrAh

After years of living in a world filled with people who work for systems, I  experienced the transcendent technologies of non verbal autistic adults and learned of their vision for creating systems that work for people. . .

Beginning with education and business.

This new system is a conscious education model and a collaborative business that works for the uniquely gifted.

When you embark on Your Genius JourneyTM, miraculous results will be revealed.

You no longer need to fight to fit into a world where genius can be labeled as a weakness. 

I believe that each of us has a unique gift that our world needs, including those who are non-verbal autistic. 

With the right tools, understanding, focus, and support, you can unlock your genius and nourish the genius within others. 

You can move from the ongoing search for meaningful programs that nourish the heart of the child and instead begin to Illuminate the genius within and discover how these transcendent technologies can make a difference in the world of commerce.

And, in the process, together, we can bring peace into the heart, home and the world while helping families in need.

I invite you to unlock your genius and honor the genius in others.


Introducing. . .

Your Genius Journey

Learn How You Can Help Students Succeed Even After High School

While there are many programs out there to help children with autism, the challenge for the uniquely gifted is finding meaningful ways to navigate life after high school.

We have worked closely with a team of adult non verbal autistic masters to design this experiential wisdom lab to give heart-centered parents and educators like you the support you need to better prepare all students for life after high school.  

We're different because we focus on the illuminating the unique gifts of all children as we support you in discovering your genius in a business and education model that is owned and operated by students and teachers. 

Together, we are on a mission to cultivate peace in the heart, home, classroom and in the world.

Learn Together and Bring Peace into Your Heart, Home and Classroom

Your Genius Journey is an ever evolving wisdom lab inspired by a team of adult non verbal autistics that engages the conscious, subconscious and super-conscious to awaken, activate, align, and attune your heart and mind to Your Genius.  The moment you enroll, your experience begins in the unseen world when a non verbal autistic is assigned as your mentor teacher.  Your experience continues to expand and evolve with each active engagement. 
The program includes the PeaceRx treasure box that helps illuminate the transcendent technologies of uniquely gifted children.  These course materials are we-Alchemized by a select team of co-creators each quarter during our live 2 1/2 day Genius JourneyInner Circle retreat.  The PeaceRx vibrational learning supplies are synthesized with a series of experiential learning opportunities facilitated by a trained and certified Educator of the Heart in the seen world and taught by non verbal autistic master teachers in the unseen world.  As you embrace your journey, you strengthen your internal compass to help guide you from Good through Great to Genius to better understand true genius and empower peace, harmony, joy and prosperity in our lives and the lives of theirs. 
Allow the time you need each day to embrace your individual intentions with this distinctive living book of love as you live into The 7 Habits of A Highly Evolved Human with the support of the autism transcendent technologies sealed within your PeaceRx course materials treasure box.
The program is multi-sensory, multidimensional and honors all learning styles.  The energy of this vibrational classroom is held within the Good through Great to Genius living book of love.  Use The 7 Habits of A Highly Evolved Human companion book to access and apply your Individual Learning Explorations (ILE).  Strategies and tools are further enlightened with group calls, audios, and electronic learning modules to activate the timed released energy infusions encoded in PeaceRx.
Guidance activities  are recorded and may be viewed online any time from your computer or from your smart phone so you can participate when it is convenient for you where ever you travel.
When you embark on Your Genius Journey, your tuition is more than an educational expense, it is an investment in your the future.  When you continue to subscribe to Your Genius Journey for two or more years, you have the opportunity to earn passive income as part of our shared affiliate program.  That's right, this is a new, collaborative educational model that goes beyond teaching and learning and honors the contributions of program completers by providing them with a shared revenue stream upon completion of the program.  In addition, with each blossoming of genius, our collaborative, co-creative alliance opens even more to explore how these unique gifts can be shared with the world in ways that make a difference that matters.   


Our students tell us that our program is the first place they've been able to find the support and understanding they need to empower the genius within.

Plus, they're finally able to make sense of all the they've experienced over the years.

 We'll join together. . .  

We'll empower your intentions, illuminate your path, and strengthen your energy, so that you feel supported, stay connected and find peace in your heart and home.

This experiential wisdom lab is where you’ll get tools to attune your heart to the voice a child and harmonize your needs with the needs of the child as you learn together with continued support.
ading 1

We'll show you how to:  

It’s impossible to understand transcendent technologies without a clear mind aligned with a peaceful heart.  By joining together, we hold a strong and steady frequency to amplify the voice of your authentic self so you may shine the light on your path and the path of the children.   

It’s easy to make connecting with others more complicated than it really is. When you follow the inspired technologies provided by our master teachers, it’s as simple as just being you.  You'll learn tools to purify and reinforce your energy field so that you are able to maintain clarity, focus and connection throughout the day to day activities of living life in a busy world while you embrace your unique journey and nourish the unique gifts of the children in the safe space of our conscious collective. 

After spending years teaching students in diverse classrooms, employing numerous meditation practices and experiencing different levels of consciousness, we know how to facilitate the perfect remote classroom, and we’ll share it with you so you can get results faster.  We will help illuminate your path with timely wisdom, energy vibration infusions and Light Language activations to awaken, activate, align and attune your connection to Universal Consciousness bringing your unique guidance system online so that you can navigate your Genius Journey and witness the application of the genius within our children.  

Having spent ten years letting go of illusion, I can share with you that there are ways to engage your emotional, mental, spiritual and physical bodies to embody peace in your heart and home.  You will be inspired to embrace your journey as you learn sacred strategies to open fully to consciously co-create as you step into your genius and nourish the genius of the children from a place of peace. 

We’re going to share with you the secret to feeling supported and connected to the children so that you can help them thrive and not lose yourself in the process.  You will be a member of a like-hearted community and be invited to experience the synergized, amplified energies of our ever growing family.

Your Three Month Remote Class and Live Support and Guidance Includes: 

This 30 minute audio helps you open door a classroom that awakens your to your genius and empowers you to see the genius in others. This guided meditation, silent presence, and Light Language Activation is the key to unlock the remote classroom.  You may access this vibrational classroom as many times as you feel called to do so throughout your program.  VALUE - $144

WISDOM MODULES (3 Electronic Learning Modules)
Each month, you will receive one self paced learning module to explore the transcendent technologies held within the silence of our team of adult non verbal master teachers.  This is your opportunity elevate your understanding and experience the wisdom of we-Alchemy found in field of unity consciousness.  VALUE - $333

This series is supported in the foundational knowing that everything you want, need, and desire is already inside you waiting to be blossomed.  These monthly calls help amplify your connection with the quantum field of universal intelligence while activating your internal guidance system so you are crystal clear on your next right action.  VALUE - $333

Each month, you'll have an opportunity to ask questions, receive guidance and share comments about Your Genius Journey and this distinctive, one of a kind remote class.  VALUE - $333

Throughout the quarter, you will receive an email with guidance and instructions that will help you break old habits of unconsciously creating what you don't want.  These exercises help you take inspired action to create what you want!  You will spend a few minutes each day doing simple things that will change your life.  VALUE - $288

TIMELY, TARGETED ENERGY INFUSIONS (Face book Frequency Attunements)
From the moment you enroll in this immersive experience, you will have energetic support transmitted through the unseen world.  These timely, targeted energy infusions clear away resistance moving energetic obstacles out of your way so that your daily path to living your genius flows with ease and grace.  Each installment helps you maintain a clean energy field and release conditioned patterns of struggle.  VALUE - $144

You will be able to connect with a like-hearted community and share synchronicities, experiences, progress, and the beauty (and the beast) of Your Genius Journey.  The synergy of this conscious collective will support, uplift, and inspire you and others to share the transcendent technologies of true genius.  VALUE - $144

Your subscription includes a vetted selection of encoded products shipped to your door.  The prototype of each selective gift of love is we-Alchemized during Your Genius Journey Inner Circle Co-Creator retreat with the help of a conscious collective of autistic adults to empower peace in the heart, mind, home and classroom while helping to support the continued growth and expansion of your genius and the genius of others.  VALUE - PRICELESS

Experience Virtual Sessions with Our
Educators of The Heart

DebOrAh O. Baker, B.A., EdM, HJD
Sound Alchemist

DebOrAh is Freedom Writer Teacher and New York Times Best Selling co-author of Teaching Hope.  She combines 30 years of experience in education and business with 10 years advanced training in the remote classrooms taught by non verbal autistic master teachers to engage, enlighten and empower your genius journey.  

Bianca Ricoy, 
Embodiement Specialist


Feel the Unique Support of 
Masters in Unity Consciousness

Daniel Tuttle, III 
Grid Master

Daniel is a master teacher of Your Genius Journey and the inspiration behind one of the sacred gifts of love sealed in the PeaceRx treasure box.  He is a genius disguised as an adult non verbal autistic.

There Are Two Ways to Embark on Your Genius Journey

Your Genius Journey AND a Live, In-Person, Inner Circle Retreat
Your Genius Journey​​

Option 1 - Your Genius Journey

Your 3 Month Genius Journey Includes:

PeaceRxCourse Materials Treasure Box to empower peace in the heart, mind, home and classroom and to support you and your family's journey to genius

Three Wisdom Embodiment Modules which include holistic guidance, tools and experiential learning prompts.

Three, 60-minute Live Virtual Implementation Intensive Workshops to connect even deeper to your genius

Three, 90-minute Live Virtual Q & A Calls to ask questions, receive guidance and share comments about your Genius Journey so you can feel even more support

Energy Alignment and Light Language Activation, to unlock the door to the genius classroom

Private Facebook Forum to connect with our like-hearted community colleagues and receive timely, energetic support

Three Months of Just Be You courage and assistance so you can embody your genius and help illuminate the genius of the children

ENROLL NOW                OPTION 1

Option 2 - Your Genius Journeyfor Six Months AND
The Inner Circle Retreat

Do You Know that Your Child is a Uniquely Gifted and You Just Need a Place Where this Genius can Shine?

If you know you're the type of person that thrives in a live environment with an intimate group and personalized feedback and wants your child's genius to be fully honored, you'll want to add the Inner Circle Retreat to your Genius Journey program.
In The Genius Journey and Inner Circle Retreat, you'll receive everything in The Genius Journeytimes two, PLUS we'll come together for a live 2 day in-person retreat in Sedona, Arizona.  The Inner Circle Retreat is an intimate group with me and my team to experience first hand the transcendent technologies of we-Alchemy genius that inspired the PeaceRx Treasure Box. 

This Retreat is limited to a very small group so you can get personalized attention to better understand and experience the transcendent technologies of true genius.

Join me for a 2 - Day Intimate, Experiential Retreat to Embody your Genius and Create the Safe Space for Children to Thrive in a World of Genius

The Inner Circle Retreat
November 10 - 12, 2017
Sedona, Arizona

  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
  3. Managing Director
  4. Managing Director
I'll share with you the encounters I experienced on my genius journey and the transcendent technologies of my master teachers.  PLUS we will help you create your vision to empower genius in yourself and others on the path for success

The Inner Circle is a multi-sensory, multi-demensional experience that guides you through a profound transformational process.  You will be empowered to integrate your genius journey learning at a mental, emotional, energetic, and cellular level.

This transcendent weekend is an opportunity to be empowered with vibrational tools that allow you to break free from the confines of limitation and embrace your genius and the genius of your child. . .AND open fully to the opportunity of becoming a Diamond Heart Alliance Co-Creator.

The Inner Circle Retreat
November 10 - 12, 2017
Sedona, Arizona

You Choose the Perfect Lodging Accommodations for the Comfort of You and Your Child

For more information, visit:

Where ever you choose to lodge, you will be wrapped in the heart of this sacred land where you can explore red rocks, experience vortexes, enjoy time under the stars, watch the sunrise over the desert, enjoy nature trails, sit in meditation areas, or simply bask in stillness.

November 10

6 pm - 9 pm  - Meet, Greet and Share

November 11

9 am to 11 am - Introduction and Intention

11 am - 4 pm - Lunch on Your Own, Individually Inspired Journeys and Timely, Targeted Empowerment Interactions

5 pm - 7 pm
Shine, Share and Illuminate

November 12

9 am - 1 pm - Sedona Exploration and we-Alchemy

3 pm - 5 pm - Integration and Next Steps
We'll discuss:

Daily practices for transmuting low energy into radiant health and vitality

Getting clear on your genius habits and how to construct chaos into clarity and inspired purpose  

Identifying your perfect rhythm of action and repose to transform conflict into harmony and connection

In this experiential learning lab, you will:

Learn to open your heart to the truth of your magnificence and that of the children

Liberate yourself from reactive tendencies to connect on an even deeper level

Heal past wounds so you are FREE to love, create, and succeed together

Develop clarity and courage to embody your genius and others do the same

Anchor empowering beliefs and core values that guide authentic decision-making

See your unique gifts and the gifts of others to know the next steps of how to employ genius in the world

And, bring even more peace into your heart, home and the world while helping other families do the same.
ENROLL NOW                OPTION 2


Are you ready to Co-Create Opportunities that Honor the Unique Gifts of ALL?
Your Genius Journeyis for you if.  .  .

You're inspired to make an even bigger difference in the world

You're miracle-minded AND willing to take inspired action

You’re motivated, dedicated and drama-free

You dream of a peaceful world that reflects your passion & purpose and that of the children

One for One

For every Your Genius Journey
purchased, a PeaceRx treasure box is gifted to a family in need

Are You an Educator?

Ask about how you can earn college credit for completing Your Genius Journey

Not Sure You Can Make the November Retreat?

No problem, you can still take advantage of Option #2.  You can choose to attend either the February 2018 or the May 2018 Inner Circle Retreat and still receive the benefits that are included in Option #2.  Once you've enrolled in Option #2, you'll be one of the first to be notified when the dates and locations for our spring retreats have been confirmed. 
Registration closes October 30th at midnight

Save your spot below and get instant access to the the Getting Started Module, the Daily Intention Guideand the Key to unlocking the door to the Your Genius Journey remote classroom.

Our first LIVE call is on November 2nd at 6:30 pm PST!

All calls are recorded for ease and access.
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First 12 Registrants receive a 30 minute private phone consultation with a certified Educator of the Heart (Value - $97)

Option 1
Your Genius Journey

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Option 2 - Paid in Full
Your Genius Journey for six months AND the
Inner Circle Retreat

    PAY IN FULL                 OPTION 2

Option 2 - Payment Plan
Your Genius Journey for six months AND the
Inner Circle Retreat

per month for 3 months 
   3 PAYMENTS                 OPTION 2
Join Now and Get Your Quick Action Bonus

First 12 Registrants receive a 30 minute phone consultation with a certified Educator of the Heart (Value - $97)