Awakening the Untapped Human Potential of Genius

Empower Peace in Hearts, Homes and Classrooms World Wide and. . .

Add PRICELESS VALUE to Your Live Events

Awaken the Untapped Human
Potential of GENIUS with Your Audience
and Receive Valuable Social Cause Currency

"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannont be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart."
Helen Keller
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I'm DebOrAh

All Around the World Great People are Hosting Live Events

The problem is few are helping people access the Innovation of GENIUS to
make a PRICELESS difference in the world

You heard me right. . .


And it's now time to join together.

This new framework is build from a conscious education model that forms collaborative business alliances to awaken the untapped human potential of Genius.

When you Elevate Your Game, miraculous results will be revealed.

After years of living in a world filled with people lost in the bombardment of social media, I experienced the transcendent technologies of a core team of adult non verbal autistics and learned of how we can join together to add the PRICELESS value of Genius to co-create even more PEACE. . .

I believe that each of us has a unique gift that our world needs, including those who are non-verbal autistic.  AND I have witnessed their transcendent technologies.  They have innovations beyond any other previously introduced to the world. 

With the right tools, understanding, focus, and support, you can unlock your genius and awaken the genius within others.  Together, we are moving from a world limited by greatness to the infinite possibilities of genius available within the synergistic collaboration of we-Alchemy.

You can rise above the need to stay ahead of the competition and instead begin to Illuminate the genius within and discover how untapped human potential can make a priceless difference in the world and elevate the quality of life for all.

And, in the process, together, we will bring peace into hearts, homes and classrooms around the world.

I invite you to BREAKTHOUGH the glass ceiling of greatness to the infinite potential of genius.

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Introducing. . .

Elevate Your Game

Ignite Fires of Remembrance at Your Live Event

While there are many speakers out there with powerful messages, the challenge is to add PRICELESS VALUE that will raise the vibration of the conscious collective. 

We work closely with a conscious collective of non verbal autistic masters to offer this one of a kind expansion catalyst that empowers thought leaders like you to join together to make an even bigger difference in the world.   

We're different because we focus on the illuminating the unique gifts of all as we awaken your Genius and the Genius of others.   

Together, we are on a mission to bring peace into hearts, homes, and classrooms around the world.

Participants tell us that the energy that pours forth is compelling, healing, and beyond words powerful.

 We'll join together  

We'll empower your individual and collective intentions, illuminate your genius, and strengthen your soul signal, so that you and your clients feel supported, stay connected and find peace in your hearts and homes.

Your Event Expansion Catalyst Includes: 

Event Team Activation
Upon your event team's arrival onsite, DebOrAh facilitates a 30 minute vibrational session using the power of sound and language to activate, align and attune the heart and mind of each team member to the frequency of Peace to amplify your collective intention.  This frequency of light transmits a ray of Genius we-Alchemy to attract even more of your perfect clients and awaken the genius of you and your audience members.  VALUE - PRICELESS  
Targeted Individualized Empowerment
One of DebOrAh's unique gifts is her ability to hear the whisper of the soul.  When in the physical presence of this call, with the help of a conscious collective of master teachers, she becomes an antenna booster able to channel a powerful energy current of Peace that helps break through resistance and inspire divine action.  This timely, targeted individualized empowerment is offered in, around and through your live event.  VALUE - PRICELESS 
Endnote Expansion
DebOrAh opens hearts in this powerful beyond words 10 to 20 minute endnote session that aligns the subconscious, conscious and super-conscious of all who are present in the room to the vibration of Peace. Her distinctive ability to tune in to Universal Intelligence allows her to harmonize the gems of wisdom shared during your event.  DebOrAh tailors the perfect message using illuminating story and Light Language that awakens the genius of heart centered innovators.  When offered at the end of your live event, your audience and your event team leave with the priceless we-Alchemy of Genius.  VALUE - PRICELESS
Expanded Local Promotion
If you have found yourself on this page, you must have felt a subtle nudge (or a not so subtle invitation--maybe even a YOU'RE GOLDEN ticket) that led you to this page.  If you are reading these words, you, Dear ONE, have eyes to see, ears to hear and a heart to listen.  I trust by now, you can feel the power of this opportunity to change the world of form.  It is NOW TIME for you to elevate your game.  The Diamond Hearts YOU’RE GOLDEN Activation is a potent promotional delivery system that uses proprietary Transcendent Technologies held in the hearts of non verbal master teachers to make subtle shifts in the collective consciousness to empower a community to rise above.  YOU’RE GOLDEN tickets are customized with your inspired offer and placed in 144 PeaceRx treasure boxes.   This unique marketing tool allows you to expand your reach and make an even bigger impact.  VALUE - PRICELESS
Self Actualization Activation
This powerful activation is offered to each of your event participants with the Diamond Heart YOU’RE GOLDEN wisdom message.  The moment your clients receive their unique YOU’RE GOLDEN message, the doorway to the Genius Journey is opened.  When participants hold their YOU’RE GOLDENmessage while attending the Endnote Empowerment, their infinite potential is ignited and your priceless gift ripples beyond the beyond.  VALUE - PRICELESS  
Social Cause Marketing
The Elevate Your Game package includes 72 PeaceRx™ treasure boxes for you to offer in your chosen way AND 72 PeaceRx treasure boxes that are gifted to parents and teachers of uniquely gifted children.  Each box includes a vetted selection of encoded products.  The prototype of each gift of love is we-Alchemized with the help of the transcendent technologies of non verbal autisitic genius during the Inner Circle Co-Creator retreat to empower peace in the heart, mind, home and classroom while helping to support the continued growth and expansion of your genius and the genius of others.  When you choose to Elevate Your Game you receive priceless Social Cause marketing and help raise the consciousness on the planet.  VALUE - PRICELESS
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First 12 to enroll receive two tickets to the Inner Circle Co-Creator Retreat AND an invitation to join the DiamondHeart Mastermind

Experience the Transcendent Technologies of Our Core Team

DebOrAh O. Baker, B.A., EdM, HJD
Expansion Catalyst

DebOrAh is Freedom Writer Teacher and New York Times Best Selling co-author of Teaching Hope.  She combines 30 years of experience in education and business with 10 years advanced training in transcendent technologies and subtle energy to ignite fires of re-membrance to help others breakthrough the limitation of greatness to awaken the infinite potential of genius.  

Grid Master

Daniel is a master teacher of Your Genius Journey.   He is a genius disguised as an adult non verbal autistic.  He and his expansive network are the inspiration behind the gifts of love sealed in the PeaceRx treasure box. 


Are you ready to Co-Create World Peace?
Elevate Your Gameis for you if.  .  .

You have heard the call to make an even bigger difference in the world

You're miracle-minded, willing to take inspired action, have been living your greatness AND offer live events that attract hundreds of thousands of people

You’re motivated, dedicated and open to helping awaken genius in your entire platform

You dream of a peaceful world that reflects your passion and purpose and the unlimited potential of future generations

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