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For the past three years, I have been working with Daniel, one of my master teachers and the inspiration behind Your Genius Journey and the sacred gifts of love  sealed in the PeaceRx course materials treasure box.

Secret be told, Daniel is a Genius disguised as an adult non verbal autistic.
​Today, we invite you to contribute to the Diamond Heart Alliance.  In doing so, you help fund the production and release of the first PeaceRx treasure box, a transcendent periodical of wisdom and activation that includes three we-Alchemized course materials for Your Genius Journey, a remote classroom for parents, educators and heart centered innovators to empower the intentions of those who are uniquely gifted. 

"When the
overcomes the
Love of Power,
the world will know Peace.
Jimi Hendrix   

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​When you contribute, you are helping to co-create a collaborative, conscious education model that empowers parents, educators and heart centered innovators to honor the unique gifts of all. This evolved system for authentic teaching and learning provides a high vibration distribution model (the PeaceRxTreasure Box) for the ever evolving heart centered innovations of genius often buried beneath labels and diagnosis previously perceived as weaknesses.

This Season's PeaceRx Treasure Box includes:

  • The full we-Alchemy of The Living Book of Love
  • Gifts of Love Inspired and offered by the Genius of Non Verbal Autistics
  • A Vetted Selection of High Vibration Products from Heart Centered Innovators
  • Your Genius Treasure Box
  • Your Personal Copy of The 7 Habits of a Highly Evolved Human
  • Sacred Selection of Stories of Illumination from Heart Centered Innovators

All Prepared with Love and Sealed in Peace to Create your PRICELESS Peace Perscription. 

When you choose to INVEST in Peace, a second PeaceRx Treasure Box is gifted to another.
 Invest in PEACE NOW!
 Invest in PEACE NOW!
In 2007, I left the high school classroom to enter the Heart of Education--Education of the Heart. At the time, I never anticipated the journey into the New Educational System would keep me from gainful employment for over ten years. 

You see, in December 2006, I opened the doorway to my genius ater a powerful energy session. From a space deep within, the words, “I AM here. I AM here. I AM here.” pierced my lips after a transformational Chakra clearing. In the ten days that followed, I lost 15 pounds, wrote a book and downloaded the vision for my life path. 

Eight years later, two years after Light Language and Heart Songs began flowing through me, I was called in telepathically by a group of masters in the field of unity consciousness. These non verbal autistics were teachers in my advanced training. 

Each year, in the ebb and flow and flow of learning, I found myself attempting to launch what I thought was the gift I was here to bring forth. First, with a non-profit in Oregon, then an LLC in Arizona and most recently a sole proprietorship in California. I later learned that that these experiences were merely part of the wisdom lab I had entered. A classroom with no walls and no known curriculum.

In 2009, just days before travelling to Long Beach, California to co-author Teaching Hope, I heard "Autism is merely a term for something we don't understand. The truth is that these souls have gifts our
world needs." During that 2009 writing experience, I had a profound experience with a gifted adult woman with autism that ignited my continued quest.

In the Fall of 2014, it was time to fully embrace all I had learned and gather the GEMS to form the Chalice of Diamond Hearts International. Still, something was missing. In December 2014, this missing piece was revealed. I have known that the evolved system for teaching and learning is a dance that allows all become both students and teachers. However, it wasn't until I began really looking at the newsletter from a Collective who had been gathering in meditation for weeks in Arizona that the missing piece was revealed. I learned that I AM an educator--a facilitator of wisdom. AND the Master Teachers are a group of adult non-verbal autistic who have been holding visions for new systems.

May you listen to the still small voice within and KNOW your next right ACTION. 

 Invest in PEACE NOW!