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In December 2006, DebOrAh opened the doorway to her superpowers after a powerful energy session.  From a space deep within, the words, “I AM here.  I AM here.  I AM here.” pierced her lips after a transformational Chakra clearing.  In the ten days that followed, she lost 15 pounds, wrote a book and downloaded the vision for her life path.  Eight years later, two years after Light Language and Heart Songs began flowing through her, she was called in telepathically by a group of masters in the field of unity consciousness.  These non verbal autistics were teachers in her advanced training.  DebOrAh uses the energy, vibration and frequency of sacred song to position the subconscious, conscious and super-conscious for transformation.  Her Presence alone helps activate, align and attune the heart and mind to the frequency of peace.  DebOrAh’s heart song healing sounds help break through limitations to reveal your Genius. 

As a classroom teacher, she was awarded a Crystal Apple by the local Chamber of Commerce after being nominated by students.  She was one of a select few nationally to receive the ING Unsung Hero award.  She is a Freedom Writer Teacher and   co-author of the New York Times Best Seller, Teaching Hope and author of Become.  DebOrAh has more than thirty years experience engaging, enlightening and empowering others to live their full potential. She is known as a teacher, mentor and guide who connects heart to heart in ways that are beyond words. DebOrAh is an Expansion Catalyst who speaks, signs, sings, and gazes the Language of Light. 

During her advanced studies, she received and synthesized formal trainings in Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, Reiki, Crystal Healing, Aromatherapy, Integrated Energy Therapy, Lightwave Energy, Sacred Song Therapy and New Earth Meditation.

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"Deborah participated in an event where she brought through her beautiful language of light and wondrous heart sharings related to our beloved nonverbal autistic soul group. She was a star that night! She combines a deep level of dedication, insight, understanding, sensitivity, and compassion along with her strong and well-developed business skills. A beautiful soul!"     

~ Gayle, 2016

"Meeting Deborah has been life changing. Her healing work, no matter what your focus or intention, creates change in all areas of your life. Her presence is warm, nurturing and makes you feel instantly at ease. She has particularly helped me energetically with heart expansion and deepening the bond with my baby girl. Much of her work (sometimes her presence alone) has allowed me to heal from stress related to my childhood, which has removed barriers of forgiveness for others and myself. In addition, she is one of the only people I trust with guidance for my daughter, which is hard to find and really a true gift.

~ Bianca 2016  
​Master Teacher
Daniel Tuttle, Jr., HjD
If you could teach humanity one thing, what would it be and why?
Wake up, the game is over....

Precious ones, know that this statement is meant to say more than we can realize right now. It came to me in a very private, yet, hmmm, personified or personifying a vast intelligence. 

There is much to draw from this short cryptic utterance. Yet the only thing that I can say now in this moment is... prepare, not in a physical way, not by doing anything, just prepare your heart to know. For this message is a message to the heart. There are deeper levels and layers in our divine heart chamber that have been sleeping, you could say. But no longer can they sleep, no longer is sleeping, hmmm, beneficial or healthy. 

This is a call to the heart to shed its protective shield that has been a bit of a safety mechanism for being in a rather tough and chaotic world. Yet the world is changing. Not that its edges and happenings are not still chaotic and difficult at times, but to be a part of the new world that is coming, the new world that is birthing, we have to shed our skins of the old world experiences and ways of being, with much defending, much protecting, much isolation.

Isn't that a funny statement from a nonverbal autistic who is reputed as a soul group to love and live in isolation, and yet, beloved that is far from the truth.  Many of us gather on high creating waves and currents to support this new earth birthing, along with many other constellations of energy, light, love, and compassion. And all that you need to do to be a part of this is to open your heart in a new and profound way. There will be more to be said on that as we progress. And progressing is best done when those of a dearness and desiring to be pioneers in this new becoming join hands and hearts in a group unity blessing and believing way.